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  • Another (Aug 13-14) weekend swimming with the dolphins. SUP boarding in the clean and green river of Mitake.
  • Last weekend was full of adventures! Dolphin Swimming, Fuji Hike, Beach Party Bus and Pub Crawl! TG keeping busy this Summer ;) (July 25)
  • For exercise lovers, we have a bootcamp trip to the beautiful Izu peninsula on Aug 20-21. Swim, bike, and run in this region with bunch of like-minded friends! (July 14)
  • Hot! Hot! Hoooooot! On a day like this all I do is to dream of playing in the white river on Jul 30 and enjoying the local fireworks...! (July 7)
  • One of the most popular summer getaways to Kouzushima island is almost FULL! Only 6 spots left! Signup and confirm your spot before you regret ;) (July 5)
  • A new trekking trip to Fuji Aokigahara Jukai Forest on Aug 11 is up. Check the details here. (June 28)
  • Hisashiburi, this Saturday we got the court for Futsal! Sorry to have kept you guys waited! (June 27)
  • Rainy season, why can't you make up your mind!? Wish us luck for 50km bike challenge in Oshima! (June 24)
  • The first Dolphin Swimming Trip this year was awesomely enjoyed! Check out the photos so that you'll want to join the next one ;) (June 21)
  • Oh the weather outside is frightful. But the rafting be so delightful. And since we want more rapids to roll, Let It Rain! Let It Rain! Let It Rain! (June 13)
  • Another long weekend just a month away! Book Kozushima Island Getaway before June 16 to receive Early-bird discount! (June 10)


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