Upcoming Events

Jan 24 Unryu Keikoku snow trekking
Jan 24~25 Myoko Suginohara ski/snowboarding
Jan 25 Sumo watching
Jan 31~Feb 1 Zao Onsen snow monster festival
Jan 31~Feb 1 Nozawa Onsen ski/snowboarding
Feb 7~8 Shiga Kogen ski/snowboarding
Feb 10~15 Niseko/Sapporo snow festival
Feb 14 Valentines masquerade party
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Photo Of The Week:
Snow Countdown Party
2014 December 31 (Wednesday)
Nozawa Onsen, Nagano

2014~15 Ski/Snowboarding Events

Jan 17~18 Nozawa Onsen Weekend
Jan 24~25 Suginohara/Seki Onsen Weekend
Jan 31~Feb 1 Zao Onsen Snow Monsters Weekend
Jan 31~Feb 1 Nozawa Onsen Weekend
Feb 10~15 Niseko/Rusutsu & Sapporo Snowfes
Feb 7~8 Mid-winter Shiga Kogen Weekend
Feb 11 Naeba Day Trip
Feb 14~15 Mid-winter Nozawa Onsen Weekend
Feb 21~22 Akakura/Suginohara Weekend
Feb 28~Mar 1 Hakuba Cortina/Happo Weekend
Mar 7~8 Superheroes/Villains Weekend
Mar 14~15 Snow Monkeys Beer & Music Festival
Mar 21~22 Nozawa Onsen Weekend
Mar 28~29 Sayonara Kagura/Naeba Weekend
2015 Dec 5 Kagura Day Trip
2015 Dec 12~13 Kagura/Naeba Weekend
2015 Dec 19~20 X'mas Shiga Kogen Weekend
2015 Dec 26~27 Myoko Suginohara Weekend
2015 Dec 31~2016 Jan 3 NY Nozawa Onsen Trip
2016 Jan 9~11 Hakuba Long Weekend
2016 Jan 15~17 Dosojin Fire Festival Weekend

Snow Action & Adventures

Fun Apres-ski Parties

Don't hibernate in the winter! Go ski/snowboarding. Ride the Japanese Alps. Witness some amazing and crazy winter festivals. Enjoy the Japanese onsens.
Come play in the snow with us!!!

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