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  • Futsal this weekend scheduled, Oct 11 Sunday! Check out our futsal group. (Oct 6)
  • Just scheduled Salsa Party and Whisky Festival! (Oct 5)
  • Tomorrow's Singles Party we get the perfect ratio of 45% female and 55% male! Last minutes signup OK so come have fun with us ;) (Oct 2)
  • Just launched Tokyo Gaijins Badminton Club! Signup now and start receiving updates! (Sep 29)
  • How do you spend your weekend? Hike in Oze marshland or learn basics of paragliding? Or party like a pirate on a boat or taste as much sake as you can? (Sep 24)
  • Photos are up for the dolphin swimming trip last weekend! The next and the last dolphin swimming trip of the season is on Oct 3-4. Join us! (Sep 16)
  • All you can drink SAKE!! Let's go to Sake Festa on Sep 26 and try different kinds and flavors of sake. (Sep 14)
  • Go-karting event this Sunday still has a few spots left for Group 1! Signup now and celebrate the 30th birthday of Super Mario Bros.! (Sep 11)
  • A new tour just scheduled for Oct 10-11. Watch the Takayama Festival, Sake brewery hopping and Norikuta Plateau trekking... All in one! (Sep 10)
  • The Rooftop Party this weekend (Sep 12) is expected to get 100 people with 45% Male, 55% Famale ratio! Signup now to get 500yen discount! (Sep 8)
  • It seems like autumn is coming early this year. Lots of new events are scheduled for autumn and winter. Find them here! (Aug 31)
  • Great news! At Salsa Party tomorrow (Sat), our salsa instructors are going to have a showcase at 9:30! Be sure to arrive on time not to miss it!!! (Aug 28)
  • On September 13, 1985, Super Mario Bros. was born and became one of the most popular game characters in the world. Why not join our Go-karting event on Sep 13 to celebrate their 30th birthday!? (Aug 26)
  • Tandem Skydiving event this weekend is fully booked! Another one is scheduled on Jan 1, New Year's Day! Any better day to check your bucket list? (Aug 20)
  • Worried about the weather? Sunny forecast over the weekend so take advantage! This Sat, join Yukata Boat Cruise and make lots of friends! Note: Yukata is not just a girl's thing, there are many cool Yukata/Jimbe for guys out there! (Aug 17)
  • Our basketball group was featured in Japan's #1 English magazine METROPOLIS and the birth of Tokyo Gaijins is revealed!! The magazine is free and available in the cities and here for online article. (Aug 14)


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