Tokyo Gaijins Futsal Club

Tokyo Gaijins organizes pick-up futsal games regularly on weekends and some week nights. We play 5 on 5 (including the goalie) pick-up futsal games at Aquafield Shibakoen and/or at Shibaura Chuo koen Sports Field, both outdoor courts with artificial turf. We have a total of around 920 members/subscribers on our mailing list. 80% of the members are foreigners from all over the globe and about 20% are Japanese. An average of around 12~18 players participate every session including 1~2 female players. Male/female, all nationalities and levels are welcome.

Come play futsal with us!

How to join:

• Read the membership, rules and guidelines carefully.
• Fill-up the membership form .
• Join the futsal mailing list.
• Check upcoming games (may subject to change).
• Receive the "official futsal session schedule" by email from the organizer.
• Read/follow the instructions on the email carefully.
• Print the venue map.
• Show up on the day.
• Pay the fee to the person in-charge before the game, play and have fun.

Rules and guidelines:

• Kids are strictly prohibited.
• Make sure you bring proper futsal shoes or trainers. Soccer cleats/studs are not allowed.
• Smoking, eating and drinking alcoholic beverage are prohibited.
• No fighting or use of abusive words towards other players, and unnacceptable behaviours.
• The organizer and the person in-charge of the game reserves the right to cancel or reject your membership at anytime if you violate these guidelines.


• The fee is 1,000yen/session/player (1,200yen from mid-June until mid-September) and it is collected on the court by the person in-charge before the start of the session.
• We don't charge any membership or cancellation fee but there's a rare case that the session will be overcrowded of players, resulting to limited amount of playing time, and we still charge you the same amount.
• The amount collected goes to pay for the court rent, team registration, transportation allowance, services rendered by the organizer, the person in-charge of the game, the person that books the court and other miscellaneous expenses.
• Please be aware that we are PROVIDING SERVICE not doing business

Playing time guidelines:

• Maximum of 10 players for a one hour session and 20 players for a 2 hour session.
• Average time per game is set at 7 minutes.
• Rotation to play goalie is every other goal of whichever team.
• Everyone play the same amount of time (in theory).
• The person in-charge of the session is totally in control of the substitution of players.
"King of the court" rule doesn't apply. However, winning team are always prioritized on every substitution.

Upcoming games:

Date Day Time Venue RSVP
Nov 16 Sat 11am~12pm Aquafield Shibakoen Email to RSVP
Nov 16 Sat 1pm~2 Aquafield Shibakoen Email to RSVP

• Take note that these schedule/s may change so please subscribe to the futsal mailing list to get the official schedule by email, to be sent by the organizer.