Maricar shop/garage Map

Important Notes

  • Nearest train station is 'Kita-shinagawa' (Keikyu line).
  • From Kita-shinagawa station, turn left at the exit, then turn left at the Kita-shinagawa crossing (by Nippon-rent-a-car) and walk straight for about 3mins. The Maricar Shop should be on your left side.
  • Please arrive at the shop/garage 10mins before your scheduled tour.
  • Call +81-3-6712-8275 or +81-80-9999-2525 if you're coming late due to (rare) train delay.
  • Your tour booking will be under Tokyo Gaijins.
  • Check train times and connections HERE.
  • Have fun driving with random Japanese, foreigners (gaijins) and tourists from all over the world.