About Us

Tokyo Gaijins is an outdoor/sports event and travel company that regularly organize a wide variety of activities and events all over Japan. From the casual outdoor lovers to adrenaline junkies. For people who just wanted to break a sweat and for sports maniac. For people who just wanted to meet people and make new friends. And also for people who want to party. We are just a big bunch of gaijins and some Japanese hanging-out, partying, playing sports and enjoying the Japanese outdoors.

Whatever your nationality, Tokyo Gaijins is an international friendship, adventure sports and social group for outgoing people in and around Japan.

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About the members

As of May 2015, there are almost 12,300 people subscribed on our events mailing list/newsletters, and about 13,300 Facebook Fans. A total of around 9,000 different people had participated in Tokyo Gaijins events. At each event, there are on average 70% foreigners, 30% Japanese, 30% first-timers and 20% joining the activity alone, leaving with lots of new friends!

About the name

Skiing/Snowboarding Trips every weekend in the winter

While Tokyo Gaijins is definitely something to do with foreigners in Japan, and the Japanese people who want to hangout with those foreigners, we'd prefer to think of the 'Gai' (or 'Out') in Tokyo Gaijins as referring to the OUTGOING and OUTDOORSY people of all nationalities (including Japanese) in and around Japan who want to get out and meet other internationally minded people like themselves.

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