Go-Karting Night Illumination [2:30pm Group 2]

2016 January 24 (Sunday)

Tokyo Area

Go-karting on public road! When the sun is going down and the city lights are shining brighter, we will explore Asakusa and see Sky Tree in many different colors. A little break for some warm drink at the bottom of Sky Tree from chilly but exciting night drive.

Put on some lights, play some crazy tunes on loud speakers, and drive around your favorite part of town! Expect a lot of pedestrians and drivers take many pictures of you! ;)

Another Only-In-Japan experience!

Private session is available in convenience with your schedule! Just inquire to info@tokyogaijins.com.


Trip ItineraryFor Group one you don’t have to change these details

Go-karting on public road
  • Meet at 2:30pm at JR Akihabara station, Electric Town Exit, righthand side, in front of AKB 48 Cafe & Shop [Map]
  • Walk to the Go-kart parking area
  • Put your costumes on
  • Orientation/safety briefing
  • Practice driving at the go-kart parking area
  • Drive up from Akihabara to Asakusa
  • Short stop and photo shoot at Asakusas's famous Sky Tree
  • Drive back to Akihabara
  • Return the go-karts around 5:30pm
  • Have some drinks with people you've met on the event (Optional)

Trip Inclusion - Extras - Discounts

Drive around town in costume

Price includes;

  • 2 hour go-kart rental fee
  • Gasoline refill
  • Photos of the event
  • Driving guides
  • Organizing fee
  • Costume rental
  • Accident insurance
  • 8% consumption tax
  • Chance to meet people and make new friends
Price: 0Yen
Space left: 0 out of 0

Important Notes

Go-karting Video
  • Itinerary may vary due to the weather, traffic conditions, and other unavoidable circumstances.
  • You MUST have your own insurance (health, social, company, etc.) to be able join.
  • You need a driver's license that is valid in Japan: [1] Japanese driver's license (issued/converted in Japan). [2] International driver's license (issued by a signatory to the 1949 Geneva Convention). [3] Foreign driver's license (issued in Switzerland, Germany, France, Taiwan, Belgium, Slovenia or Monaco) with JAF translation. [4] SOFA (Status of Forces Agreement) driver's license.
  • If you don't have any of the mentioned valid driver's license, please have your driver's license converted to Japanese driver's license.
  • Please bring (a copy of) your passport if you're using [2] International driver's license, or [3] Foreign driver's license with JAF translation.
  • JAF translation is required if you're using a driver's license issued in Switzerland, Germany, France, Taiwan, Belgium, Slovenia or Monaco.
  • Costumes are provided by the Go-kart company (free of charge) but the availability, quality and conditions are not guaranteed so we recommend bringing your own.
  • Final details will be sent to the participants two days before the event.

What to wear/bring

  • Valid driver's license
  • Costume
  • Comfortable shoes/socks
  • Small bag
  • Hat
  • Sunscreen
  • Sunglasses
  • Camera
  • Cellphone
  • Cash
  • Glow sticks

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