Mt. Nokogiri Hike and Yokohama Oktoberfest

2016 October 16 (Sunday)

Kyonan, Chiba | Yokohama, Kanagawa

A short day hike with stunning mountain and ocean views! Visit Nihon-ji temple and see the biggest stone carved Buddha in Japan.

The Munich’s world famous beer festival, "Oktoberfest" is taking place in the historic building of Yokohama Redbrick Warehouse located in Yokohama, the birth place of Japanese beer. Since 2002, this event has been popular amongst the beer lovers re-creating the atmosphere of authentic festival in Munich. There will be some 70 types of beer on offer, with the German varieties available (including the Oktoberfest beers) – plus the local beers. Also enjoy the live German music as well as sauerkraut and German sausages that go perfect with beer.

Another great day exploring the Japanese outdoors and enjoying German culture! ;)

Trip Itinerary

Nihonji Temple, Big Buddha and Rakan Statues
  • Meet at Tokyo station at 8:15am (on the train platform, in-front of car no. 2 of the 8:21am Keiyo line rapid train bound for Soga)
  • Catch up on your sleep or chat with other members
  • Arrive at Hama-Kanaya station at 10:30am
  • Meet the rest of the group
  • Orientation/safety briefing/stretching
  • Start the hike at 11am
  • Arrive at Nihon-ji temple around 12:30pm
  • Short sightseeing
  • Picnic lunch near the Big Stone Carved Buddha
  • More sightseeing around Nihon-ji temple
  • Finish the hike back at Hama-Kanaya station around 4pm
  • Join the group for some beers and good music at Yokohama Oktoberfest or visit the local onsen (Optional)

Trip Inclusion - Extras - Discounts

Hiking with great views

Price includes;

  • Entrance fee to Nihonji temple
  • Picnic lunch
  • Softdrinks
  • Fun, cute and very experienced (English and Japanese speaking) walk guides
  • Travel insurance
  • 8% consumption tax
  • Chance to meet a lot of outdoor people and make new friends


  • Yokohama Oktoberfest tour (2,000yen) *Includes entry fee to the festival, one-way ferry and local bus fare


  • Birthday on Oct 16 (3,000yen)
Price: 7,400Yen
Space left: 4 out of 30

Important notes

Yokohama Oktoberfest
  • Itinerary may vary due to the weather, traffic conditions, and other unavoidable circumstances.
  • You MUST have your own insurance (health, social, company, etc.) to be able join.
  • This event is ON rain or shine!
  • In case of bad weather and we're unable to do the hike due to safety reasons, we will take the ropeway to Nihonji temple and spend some time in the onsen (Fees must be shouldered by the participants).
  • Hike is very short (only 1.5 hour) but you can take the ropeway (700yen each way) all the way to the top of Nihonji temple if you think you're unfit.
  • Nihon-ji temple is the site of Japan's largest Buddha statue and home to 1,500 Rakan statues (Buddhist saint); stone images made in the Edo period, each said to have a different expression.
  • Mt. Nokogiri has spectacular mountain views and an extraordinary visual appeal, due to the fact that large slabs of the rock have been cut out for roads, bridges, foundations and such. Hence the name Nokogiri, which means "saw" in Japanese.
  • We can access Yokohama from Mt. Nokogiri by boat. One or two ferries an hour go across the bay from Kanaya to Hama Kurihama port. From there, we will take the local bus to Keikyu Kurihama station then train to Yokohama (Sakuragicho station).
  • Final details will be sent to the participants by email two days before the event.

What to wear/bring

  • Clothes appropriate for hiking
  • Trekking or sports shoes
  • Comfortable socks
  • Spare clothes
  • Small backpack
  • Rain coat (in case of bad weather)
  • Gloves
  • Small towel
  • Hat
  • Sunscreen
  • Sunglasses
  • Picnic lunch
  • Energy snacks
  • Mineral water or sports drink (1.5L recommended)
  • Book (to read on the train/bus)
  • Music player
  • Camera
  • Cellphone
  • Cash

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