Fukiware Falls and Okunikko Autumn Adventure Trip

2020 October 25 (Sunday)


An autumn adventure trip to two of the most picturesque places in Japan!

This Trip Features;

  • Fukiware Falls; Japan's version of Niagara Falls is 7 meters high and 30 meters wide with rapid stream gushing down from both sides and hitting the river bottom is a spectacular sight. Seen from the bedrock above them, the falls make a powerful impression. The autumn foliage is also a must-see!
  • Yunoko Lake; picturesque clear-water lake known for its autumn colors with a trail around its 3 km shoreline.
  • Yudaki Falls; a 70m high, 110m long waterfall located at the southern tip of Yunoko Lake and named as one of the "Famous 5 Waterfalls of Nikko".
  • Senjogahara Marshland; means "battlefield", was named after a mythical tale of the gods of Mount Nantai and Mount Akagi, and is one of Japan's largest high-altitude marshes located at the center of Nikko National Park. Senjogahara is particularly beautiful in autumn when the marshland's grasses turn into a reddish yellow and the larch trees into a shiny gold.
  • Mt. Nantai; literally means "man's body mountain", is a stratovolcano in the NikkĊ National Park. You will see breathtaking views of this huge mountain around Senjogahara Marshland.
  • Ryuzu-no-taki; means "dragon head waterfall" in Japanese. The name comes from the shape of the falls, which resembles the head of a dragon.

Don't miss out on this absolutely spectacular autumn trip!

Trip Itinerary

  • Meet the group in Shinjuku at 7am
  • Get on the private TG bus
  • Catch up on your sleep, or chat with other members and get excited
  • Short stop for breakfast on the way
  • Arrive at Fukiware Falls parking area around 10:15am
  • See and explore Fukiware Falls and the surrounding walking trails
  • Get on the bus at 11:30am
  • Arrive at Oku-nikko parking area around 12:30pm
  • Walk along Yunoko Lake and admire its crystal clear water
  • Arrive at Yudaki Falls around 1:30pm
  • Short picnic lunch by the gorgeous Yudaki Falls
  • Get on the bus at 2:30pm
  • Arrive at Senjogahara Marshland Obesrvation Deck around 2:45pm
  • Enjoy breathtaking views of the marshland and of Mt. Nantai
  • Get on the bus at 3pm
  • Arrive at Ryuzu Falls around 3:15pm
  • See Ryuzu Falls and explore the surrounding beautiful area
  • Get on the bus at 4:15pm
  • Short rest stop on the way
  • Arrive back in Shinjuku around 7:15pm (if no traffic)

Trip Inclusion - Extras - Discounts

Price includes;

  • Private bus transportation (round-trip)
  • Fun and cute (English and Japanese speaking) tour guides ;p
  • Travel insurance
  • Consumption tax


  • Birthday on Oct 25 (3,000yen)
  • Early-bird (500yen) *Pay before 3pm on Sep 25
  • Group of 4-5 (500yen/person) *Group leader or name required
  • Group of 6 or more (1,000yen/person) *Group leader or name required
  • Regular member (500yen) *Joined more than 5 TG trips/Cannot combine with the group discount
    *** Check Discount Policies ***
Price: 9,900Yen
Space left: 18 out of 22

Important notes

  • Itinerary may vary due to the weather, traffic conditions, and other unavoidable circumstances.
  • Okunikko is particularly crowded on weekends so expect an unavoidable road traffic in the area on the way back to Tokyo.
  • Trek is easy level and mostly flat.
  • Hiking experience not necessary!
  • Reasonable fitness required.
  • Final details will be sent to the participants by email two days before the event.

What to wear/bring

  • Clothes appropriate for hiking
  • Trekking or sports shoes
  • Comfortable socks
  • Spare clothes
  • Small backpack
  • Rain coat (in case of bad weather)
  • Gloves
  • Small towel
  • Hat
  • Sunscreen
  • Sunglasses
  • Picnic lunch
  • Energy snacks
  • Mineral water or sports drink (1.5L recommended)
  • Book (to read on the train/bus)
  • Music player
  • Camera
  • Smartphone
  • Cash

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