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  • Check out our Aug 11-13 Niijima/Shikinejima Island Adventure Trip PHOTOS and VIDEO!
  • Check out our last Dolphin Swim, Open Water Swim Race, & Island Adventure PHOTOS!
  • Awesome summer days last weekend at Kouzushima Island. Check out our VIDEO!
  • Check Jul 8 Sarushima 'Monkey Island' Beach & BBQ Party PHOTOS! More beach adventures next weekend in Kouzushima! SIGN UP NOW.
  • Check Jun 18 Whitewater Rafting Trip PHOTOS!
  • Check Jun 17 Kayaking and SUP Boarding Trip PHOTOS!
  • Check Jun 10-11 Dolphin Swimming and Island Adventure Trip PHOTOS and VIDEO!
  • Check Jun 3 Yokohama Dragon Boat Race PHOTOS!
  • Check May 28 Oze National Park 'Spring' Trekking Trip PHOTOS!
  • Check May 27 Sarushima 'Monkey Island' Beach and BBQ Party PHOTOS!
  • Check May 21 Mitake-Okutama Hike Trip PHOTOS!


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