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  • Oct 8-10 Kouzushima long weekend getaway PHOTO ALBUM.
  • Please check-out our Oct 1-2 Dolphin Swim VIDEO!
  • Weather forecast is looking great for this weekend. Perfect weather to go out of Tokyo and enjoy the nature. We still have space left for Oct 15 Hitachi Seaside Park and Hananuki Gorge Trip, Oct 16 Oze National Park Trekking Trip and Oct 16 Mt. Nokogiri Hike and Yokohama Oktoberfest Trip so go SIGNUP ASAP NOW so not to miss out!
  • Sep 22 Sarushima BBQ has been canceled on Sep 21 due to bad weather. Sorry
  • What a fun Salsa party last Saturday. A total of 81 people (42 male/39 female) joined the event. Another amazing Dolphin swimming trip to Miyakejima island last weekend. 23 people (10 male/13 female) saw a lot of dolphins swimming in their natural habitat.
  • Bad weather in Mt. Fuji on Saturday (Sep3) that had forced the mountain guide to abort the summit push at the 8th station hut. In the morning on Sunday (Sep 4), the weather suddenly changed from strong rain to blue sky but only strong hikers were allowed to hike due to time constraint so only half of the hikers reached the summit.
  • Good rapids on Sunday (Aug 28) in Okutama. Everyone had fun! Thanks to all the rain the past few days :)
  • Another (Aug 13-14) weekend swimming with the dolphins. SUP boarding in the clean and green river of Mitake.
  • Last weekend was full of adventures! Dolphin Swimming, Fuji Hike, Beach Party Bus and Pub Crawl! TG keeping busy this Summer ;) (July 25)
  • For exercise lovers, we have a bootcamp trip to the beautiful Izu peninsula on Aug 20-21. Swim, bike, and run in this region with bunch of like-minded friends! (July 14)
  • Hot! Hot! Hoooooot! On a day like this all I do is to dream of playing in the white river on Jul 30 and enjoying the local fireworks...! (July 7)
  • One of the most popular summer getaways to Kouzushima island is almost FULL! Only 6 spots left! Signup and confirm your spot before you regret ;) (July 5)
  • A new trekking trip to Fuji Aokigahara Jukai Forest on Aug 11 is up. Check the details here. (June 28)
  • Hisashiburi, this Saturday we got the court for Futsal! Sorry to have kept you guys waited! (June 27)
  • Rainy season, why can't you make up your mind!? Wish us luck for 50km bike challenge in Oshima! (June 24)


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